Opae Ula

February 26, 2024
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We stock Halocaridina Rubra as well as wholesale Opae Ula for sale at competitive prices. Make money selling self-sustainable ecosystems and work from home.

Opae Ula, an endangered and extraordinary species, is nestled in the clear waters of Hawaii, waiting to be preserved. These tiny crimson shrimps are not only a marvel of nature but also represent a fragile part of the Hawaiian aquatic ecosystem.

You may never have heard about Opae Ula before and it is quite common. After all, Opae Ula or Halocaridina rubra are only native to the Hawaiian Islands. They are small red shrimps, rarely longer than 0.6 inches, and are found only in brackish water pools, lave tubes, and anchialine pools in Hawaii. These small shrimps are known for exhibiting an attractive crimson coloring, which undoubtedly adds to their charm.

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