Drama Classes for Upper Primary School Kids in Singapore

April 2, 2024
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Are you seeking engaging and enriching activities for your upper primary school child in Singapore? Look no further! Our Speech and Drama classes offer the perfect blend of creativity, confidence-building, and skill development. At helenogrady, we understand the importance of nurturing young minds through expressive arts education.

Speech Classes for Upper Primary School Kids in Singapore

Effective communication is a vital skill for success in both academic and social spheres. Our Speech Classes cater specifically to upper primary school kids, providing them with the tools and techniques to articulate their thoughts with clarity and confidence. Through interactive activities and tailored exercises, students develop their public speaking abilities, vocabulary, and presentation skills. Whether it's delivering a persuasive argument or captivating an audience with a story, our Speech Classes empower students to express themselves effectively in any situation.

Drama Classes for Upper Primary School Kids in Singapore

Imagination knows no bounds in our Drama Classes! Designed for upper primary school kids, our program encourages students to unleash their creativity and explore the exciting world of theater. From improvisation to script work, students embark on a journey of self-discovery, discovering new talents and honing their performance skills along the way. Our experienced instructors provide a nurturing environment where every child can shine, fostering teamwork, empathy, and self-expression through the magic of drama.

Why Choose Us?

At helenogrady, we believe in the transformative power of drama and speech education. Our carefully crafted curriculum is tailored to suit the unique needs and interests of upper primary school students, ensuring a rewarding and enjoyable learning experience. With small class sizes and personalized attention, we create a supportive atmosphere where students feel encouraged to take risks, make mistakes, and grow as performers and communicators.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enrich your child's education with our Speech and Drama classes! Visit https://helenogrady.com.sg/programmes/drama-and-speech-class-singapore-upper-primary/ to learn more and enroll your child in a journey of creativity, confidence, and fun!

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