Best NGOs To Build Resilience To Disasters In India

April 19, 2023
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A Community-Led Preparedness and Response is a cluster of training programs put in place and facilitated by NGOs and other Government Agencies in order to create a community that is safe and robust. These training programs involve the training of communities that can assist in emergency disaster response and in fortifying the entire district in subsequent parts to make an entire area resilient to disasters. Sakal Relief Fund initiate and assist with communities’ emergency response contingency plans. These plans consist of steps that are to be taken in case of an emergency disaster. Sakal Relief Fund Build Resilience To Disasters In India and help communities plan a risk reduction plan that takes into account the particular needs, rights, and capabilities of members of various at-risk groups. These plans also take into account the presence and involvement of men, women, and children from all cultural backgrounds.

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